My passion is the light bulb moment; that instant when someone learns something, when an individual or a team realise a better way. This is done through one or all of the following:

A series of one to one sessions with qualified professional executive coach to deliver feedback, challenge current thinking and realise meaningful solutions for growth, outplacement, development and success.

Delivering engaging, interactive and powerful sessions to help teams work through challenges to transform, align and grow.

Using tools to help people understand their traits, preferences, strengths and risks to better assess potential and  focus development in exactly the right place.

Delivering practical learning to groups of leaders and potential leaders to provide them the tools and approach to drive success through their careers.

My role is to help people and teams to see their strengths and risks by holding a metaphorical mirror to help them see what might be working well for them and where to focus attention on development and change.

I have an MBA and over 25 years of experience in developing people for Graduate high potential to executive leadership teams. Most recently in a FTSE 100 company. I have worked in countries all over the world delivering and supporting strategic change though people growth and development with many cultures. 

“As an executive coach and facilitator Chris Locke is highly effective, insightful and engaging. He brings to his work an unrivalled ability to provide practical support and timely, thought-provoking challenge, in the right way for each individual and at the right time. He is also experienced at working across cultures and different levels of leadership - from high potentials to senior executives. A great sounding board and someone who excels at his work: creating ‘light bulb moments’ for people at all levels.” 

Jeremy Kourdi, Business Author, Co-Founder of Entendéo and Former Senior Vice President, The Economist