Facilitation comes from the Latin word for "easy" is facilis.  My role, with your team is to make something easier, ensure your planning meeting is well designed, and engaging, your culture redesign workshop runs smoothly with meaningful outcomes or your management away day allows input from all stakeholders.

Bring a group of leaders together is expensive, having an external facilitator means you have both professional and creative design to your important events and you can focus on the content whilst I deliver the process making you and your team more effective, creative and outcome focused. Having me as your facilitator turns that expense into a wise investment for the future.

Previous and current clients have reported that Chris is a strong facilitator who helps define vision, challenges with genuine, potential barriers to delivery and supports the delivery of real plans and outcomes.

Chris has experience in facilitating groups from 3 to 300 people.

Typical facilitation assignments include:

  • Build alignment and collaboration across a diverse team

  • Develop a new culture for your organisation

  • Create a long term strategy for your team

  • Team building and management away days