Investing in the future leaders of your organisation is a key part of future proofing your business. We can help to Identify, Develop and Support the realisation of their potential:

We will help you Identify the people in your organisation who are both high performers and high potential. (Only about 15% of high performers are also high potential)  Our experience has shown us that success is supported by a mixture of the following:

  • A clear and aligned definition of what high potential means in your business,
  • The engagement of leaders in facilitated identification workshops,
  • The rigorous testing of potential using psychometric tools and assessment centres

We can create and deliver a range of initiatives to develop your future leaders, including:

  • Capability development through interactive workshops which we have experience in delivering face to face or virtually
  • Personal insight often built from feedback from the assessment tools used in the identification process to really pinpoint personalised development
  • Business based and social impact projects and stretch assignments to broaden experience and practice new skills and behaviours

We are passionate about helping support the effective consolidation of learning; really making sure it lands and is used effectively, we do this through:

  • Coaching your high potential people to challenge them to build strategies to test new skills and behaviours
  • Facilitating co-coaching and action learning initiatives to ensure genuine ownership of learning and solution development.


"Inspiring, though provoking and at ease, are words that spring to mind when I think of Chris - all conducive to excellent coaching and mentoring.

Chris has always made time to stop listen, ponder and help me to reflect on the best path ahead with integrity, professionalism and kindness - I have always felt empowered to make positive changes after my conversations with Chris and the results have reflected in all aspects of my life.

If you're serious about facing up to yourself to improve your life there's no doubt Chris will prove invaluable in supporting you to do so." Ben – Japan

"I have the privilege to become one of the participant for some of the Global People Development Program that Chris runs in Pearson.

 It has helped my career in my organization and helped me become a better leader. He is the type of mentor that will say things about your weakness and strength honestly and help you to manage them. A person that you can trust and listen to.

Chris is one of the best trainer that my organization have and working with him has always been very motivating, mind opening, and powerful. Jason – Indonesia

It was an awesome experience working with Chris. Chris is one of those rare talents who brings out the best in you and ensuring you're aware of your own capabilities. He always has something of value to bring to the table when it comes to professional mentoring, and even on a more personal level.. his simple words of encouragement has made an impact on my personal growth. It has been an honour working with Chris and I'll be always grateful for the experience. Louise - Singapore